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How does FundThrough work?
How does FundThrough work?

Who it's for, how to apply & how to fund

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FundThrough is a technology enabled invoice funding platform that lets you access capital on your own terms. With FundThrough, your funding ability grows with the size of your invoices.

To access funding, create a free account within 5 minutes. We’ll ask you to tell us a little about yourself, connect your invoicing software and business banking, and to let us know where to deposit your funds.

We know speed is of utmost importance to business owners. Once you have completed your account, we’ll send you funding recommendations within 1 business day.

Once approved, you’ll see your invoices in your dashboard and then it’s up to you to fund invoices when you want. There’s no obligation at all. Use FundThrough to grow your business, or as protection if you find yourself in a cash flow blind.

Learn more about how it works.

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