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Is FundThrough right for me?
Is FundThrough right for me?

Where does FundThrough operate? Who does FundThrough serve?

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FundThrough works with Canadian & U.S businesses that provide goods or services to other businesses and are invoicing to get paid.

All of our customers are looking to fund growth, new business or general operations, but their cash flow is not in line with their needs and these goals. Many have tried getting funding or lines of credit from their financial institution but have been rejected because they are either too small, too new or growing too quickly.

FundThrough gives you the ability to get immediate access to the cash that is tied up in your outstanding invoices. This allows you to solve any cash flow hurdles and to do so in a way that is totally supported by the way you're already generating revenue. And you are in full control of what you fund and when.

Most of our customers use us as part of their core operations, funding invoices every month and enjoying the newfound opportunities that come with being able to access their own cash sooner. Because there is no cost to be on our platform, a few clients use us from time to time during a particular “cash crunch” to provide the peace of mind that funds will be there to cover critical items like payroll or meeting key orders or customer demand.

All of our customers are proud business owners looking for services that support them in a friendly, professional and respectful way.

Have invoices due in 30, 60 or 90 days? Whether it’s $500 or $10 million, you can use FundThrough to access the funds from those invoices right away. We fund millions of dollars in invoices every month and are backed by some of North America’s top venture investors.

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