What is Auto-fund?
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Auto-fund enables you to get invoices from one or multiple customers automatically submitted for funding. If you have a customer you regularly invoice that always has long payment terms, it makes getting quick access to cash faster and easier. With Auto-fund, you no longer have to log in and repeatedly request funding for the same customer or multiple invoices, giving you time back in your day. The approval process automatically begins, proceeding as it normally does for any other invoice.

Why try Auto-fund?

  • Speed up cash flow even more

  • No admin work

  • Set it and forget it

If your needs ever change, you can opt out of Auto-fund any time by talking to your account manager.

What you need to get started

  • Approved for Velocity invoice factoring

  • An accounting connection

  • Highly rated customers

Ready to get on Auto-fund? Get in contact with us by emailing us, contacting your account manager, or sending us a message through the chat box in the bottom right corner.

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