-Technology/Integrative Partnerships: If your software issues invoices, let’s talk about helping your customers accelerate their cash flow. For example, FundThrough currently has a partnership with QuickBooks online. QuickBooks users get access to an integrated experience and special offers with FundThrough.

-Referral Partnerships: A partner can refer clients to FundThrough by directing them to a co-branded landing page, which can easily be shared with a partner’s customer base by email or website page.

-Professional Partners: Our Professional Partners include brokers, ISOs, accountants and bookkeepers. If your small-business clients are experiencing cash-flow issues because of extended waits for invoice payment, we can help them get paid sooner.

Our team will work closely with your clients to guide them through the funding process and ensure that their businesses are well-equipped to address the unique challenges that will arise as they grow.

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