FundThrough requires an active read-only link to your bank so that we can set your initial funding limit and so that we can be proactive about making sure your advances are getting to you as well as ensuring that you have enough funds for weekly repayments (read more about this here).

Our connection to your bank is done via our partners, Finicity and Flinks. If your username, client card or password for your online banking have changed, the link you established with between your bank account and your FundThrough account may become interrupted.

Luckily, resolving this issue is a breeze! If this happens, you will see a prompt in your FundThrough dashboard and may also receive an email from us asking you to do the following:

  1. Click the link in the notice at the top

  2. Follow the prompts to re-enter your username or client card number, and your new password. Your bank may ask one or more security questions, in which case we will prompt you.

  3. Once resolved, the prompt at the top of your dashboard will disappear and you should once again be able to fund invoices.

Here's a quick 10-second demonstration showing the process:

If, after taking the steps above, you still have a notification bar at the top of your dashboard, get in touch with us. We're always happy to help!

Your FundThrough Team

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