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Using FundThrough Express
How much does using FundThrough Express cost?
How much does using FundThrough Express cost?

Can I repay early or modify my repayments?

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With Express, you pay a 0.5% weekly fee on the amount advanced over a 12 week repayment period. Don’t pay unless you fund, and repay early to save on fees.

For example, if you fund a $12,000 invoice you would pay back $1060 a week, over 12 weeks.

To break that $1,060 down: that's $1000 ($12,000 invoice value advanced divided by 12 weekly repayments) plus the $60 weekly fee ($12,000 invoice value advanced times 0.5% weekly fee).

Pay back early, and save that $60 for each week covered.

To set up an early repayment: Click repayments from your main dashboard and then click Make Payment and confirm date and amount.

To delay or further modify your repayment schedule: Please speak to a customer success specialist to discuss your options

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