How to skip a repayment

Steps to request a skip-repayment

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To request a skip-repayment:

  • Login to your FundThrough account here

  • Navigate to Advances (left hand side on a computer, or bottom on a phone)

  • At the top of the page, click Skip Next Repayment

  • Review how the delay will update your repayment schedule 

  • Click Skip Repayment to submit the delay

To ensure your request gets processed before the Wednesday repayment, it must be submitted before 11:30am EST (USA) or 1pm EST (Canada) on the preceding Tuesday.

Repayments can only be skipped one week at a time, not multiple weeks in a row. Skipped repayments are due the following week, along with a $20 administrative fee and an additional weekly fee equal to 0.5% of the original advance amount. Skipping a repayment will shift your remaining repayment schedule one week later.

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